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Artist Diorama
Album A Different Life
Record Label Accession Records
Year 2007

Any other year, A Different Life by Diorama would be the best release of that year. For 2007, the Cruxshadows' Dreamcypher takes that distinction, though A Different Life is a very close second.

"Screenface" opens the disc with an intensity that carries through the entire album. This intensity is slowed down and quiet at times, but it is there nonetheless. This conveys a passion for every track on "A Different Life". Also, their sound is very unique. They range from futurepop in "Synthesize Me" to an almost distorted electro sound in "Screenface". They defy any type of definition. The closest similarity would be to VNV Nation only because Torbin Wendt's vocals have a melancholic quality comparable to Ronan Harris. Even when not singing a melancholic song, Wendt's voice can be downright depressing.

This album not only deserves to be picked up immediately, but needs to be listened to daily - it is that good.


Rating 10 out of 10

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