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Artist Individual Totem
Album Mothfly
Record Label Artoffact Records
Year 2007

After a faltered start with Inception Records back in 2001, Individual Totem returns on Artoffact Records with their long-awaited album, Mothfly. Prepare yourself for industrial music that takes a surprise turn and puts you in a place you may not venture often, a place filled with rich textures and subtleties often missing from today's electronic music; this is an album to appreciate on an intellectual level.

This album has many parts which flow nicely into one another, creating a overall whole that is a rewarding: "WWW" and "Surrender" are the liveliest tracks, which should get the blood flowing. "The Ugly Game" and "Reflexion" give a nod to the old-school industrial days of bands like Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assmebly. "Panic", "In Memorial", "Elobeat" and "Totalausfall" paint a stark landscape for you to embrace, one of the inner world, a place to explore and discover the dark corners of your mind and see what hides there. "Breakdown" is just enough of an energetic shot to make sure you can find your way back out.

Often dark and brooding, Mothfly isn't a danceflooor killer, but there are plenty of those kinds of albums; this album will stimulate your brain and give your feet some needed downtime. This is industrial, this is IDM, this is just a good, solid album. Let's hope Individual Totem don't wait as long for their next release.


Rating 9 out of 10

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