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Artist Heimataerde
Album Leben Geben Leben Nehmen
Record Label COP International
Year 2007

Previous Heimataerde albums have been repetitive, and any track from any album can be interchanged. This album unfortunately, firmly defines Heimataerde as this type of band. Any hope that they may get better over time is gone.

After the intro, "Heimataerde" (the song) makes you think that you are about to listen to an above average album. This is a very good song- but not worth what comes next. The two tracks that stand out are "Heimataerde" and "Vater". The rest blend together, like previous albums. However, especially near the end, the quality wanes so much that this becomes difficult to listen to. The vocals need a lot of work, among other things. This album peaks on its first real track. Your time would be better spent exploring other bands, or at the very least, their previous album, Kadavergehorsam.

This band showed promise and growth with their last album, however with Leben Geben Leben Nehmen they have taken a big step backwards.


Rating 6 out of 10

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