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Artist Avenue in Oceania
Album Avenue in Oceania
Artwork by Kathleen Dickason
Year 2007

This self-titled debut from Avenue in Oceania, a 3 piece band from California, is a gothic rock-styled work, but with a more minimalist approach.

I have had a hard time coming up with a description for this album; this is a good album and falls somewhere in the gothic rock realm, but it has a "dry" quality to it that I can't fully describe. There is guitar, drums and synths, as well as strong vocals, but the sounds are not overly layered - a clean sort of sound, only using what must be used to produce good music. Standout tracks include "Culture Shock", "Mocking Bird", "The Love Story", and the most dancefloor-friendly of the tracks, "The Agnostic".

This debut album for Avenue in Oceania is worth a listen. It would appeal to gothic rock fans, just don't expect the clich├ęd gothic rock sound.


Rating 7 out of 10

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