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Artist Blue Birds Refuse to Fly
Album Xenomorph Angel
Record Label Decandance Records
Year 2007

BLUEBIRDS REFUSE TO FLY is the name of the band. And, we have the Wizard of Oz lyric: "If happy little bluebirds fly above the rainbow, why oh why can't I?" Is there a connection?

Xenomorph Angel is the title of the latest release by BLUEBIRDS REFUSE TO FLY and the title can mean something like "Alien Angel." And, now that I am properly immersed in a picture of bluebirds not flying and alien angels, I turn to the music that meets the picture.

An enchanting voice is the first aspect of music that fills out the picture and it is accompanied by production that is precise and modern, with song construction that's catchy, rounded out by what I find to be good spirited electronics. So, yes, this seems like fun electro pop.

The atmosphere of the entire release is most certainly evocative of an encounter with an alien angel, a Xenomorph Angel, if you will, and this angel seems to be a friendly one.

All of these elements, bluebirds, alien angels and the enchanting voice reach an exciting peak with a flawless pop song, "Monographic", which has a nod to 80's electro while being firmly planted in the here and now. In "Monographic", the sensibility is guided by such phrases as "pray for the days when my heart was dancing on the street, finding all the ways to the stars... smile again with me... make your wish tonight." Plus, there is a killer electro break down as the song kicks into the big finish.

"Elegy" is a well done, down tempo song, just as "Burning" is a well done up tempo track with an energetic electro bounce. And, while I don't have a clue about pop radio programming, "Want You There For Me" seems much better than anything that I have heard on mainstream radio. It should be a pop hit, appealing to any and all.

Also, the New York dance pop stations should be all over the track, "Oxygen."

Writing such a consistent release is by no means easy, and BLUEBIRDS REFUSE TO FLY deserve a tremendous amount of credit for an excellent, unified, highly professional electro pop release.

-Dan Morgan

Rating 10 out of 10

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