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Artist Starlit
Album She Was a Spicy She Wolf
Year 2008

It's a nice rarity to encounter a reminder that what matters about music is the spirit that supports the craft, where I sail away from the limitations of genre and into the liberation of listening and, as is the case with Starlit, I sail away immersed in an inspiring blend of poetry in lyrics, excellence in production and composition and, quite notably, a supernaturally talented lead vocalist.

The poet and the voice are blessed with support via impeccable musical production so that I know that what they mean and, what they say, convey an artistic unity. This knowledge is conveyed by feeling, which is the province of music and the hallmark of meaningful art in music, whether it be classical, industrial, electro, gothic.

The poet, the voice and the music that are Starlit are in excellent accord with the mission of This Is Corrosion and form a line of continuity with my passion for underground music, starting with my early days, DJing on the radio in LA, in the early days of punk and new wave, on to the modern electro, techno, gothic industrial scene, in its evolution.

Within this heritage of personal passion for underground music, I am pleased to be blown away by the latest Starlit release, She Was A Spicy She Wolf. Start to finish, I listen to this release, discovering new jewels with each listen.

"Transformation" has a chorus with words and a spirit of freedom culminating in "I surrender to transformation" and I find the sincerity of the vocal spirit to be real and true and inspiring. "Muther" remixed by KMFDM is a perfect way to rock an evening at a club or party. Ditto with "I Want You" and "Our Sinz."

"Parasite" is a surprising, genre bending gem, where I rave, slam and rock, all in one song. There's a clever cover of "Modern Love" by David Bowie and mostly, there is this entire journey in musical freedom which has a defining representation in "Dazies."

While it's paradoxical to intimate that there's a hierarchy in release like She Was A Spicy She Wolf, where there is such a strong sense of a band as a team, I'll go so far as to note that the vocals and words are clearly streamed forth with a charisma that defines the band.

-Dan Morgan

Rating 10 out of 10

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