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Artist Moon Rock
Album Eclipse of the Mood
Artwork by Earth & Fire Studios, Inc.
Year 2002

Eclise of the Mood is the second release for Moon Rock, with guest vocals by Jemma, Damian 'Plague' Krunka and Dave Baggot. The album contains eight new tracks, plus two tracks from their first release, Power to the People, both remixed by B! Machine.

The first track, The Deed is Done, contains strong, clear vocals over catchy, ebm/electro, followed up by See a Lot, with a good dose of female vocals and goth-electro sound. Other highlights of the album include Time to Play, Everybody Everywhere (B! Machine Remix), Tonight, I am Safe, and Already Gone (B! Machine Remix).

Some of the more techno influenced tracks like Real Cool Party have the bass mixed a bit too loud, but are otherwise good.

Overall, the album mixes strong male and female vocals with synthpop, ebm/electro, new wave, techno, and gothic elements to produce a cohesive whole that makes this album worth a listen.


Rating 7 out of 10

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