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Album Crossroads
Record Label Metropolis Records
Year 2007

Artistic criticism is a dubious endeavor where my vow is to only write words of praise. With the new Crossroads CD by Mind In A Box, it is easy to fulfill my vow of praise and start by writing that it is a subtle, profound, poetic and moving work of art.

Though it has a dark electronic foundation, Crossroads is a work for the ages and perhaps our culture will someday evolve enough so that global media might be occupied with this amazing accomplishment by Mind In A Box, rather than being occupied by trash and tripe; I'll not name names but we all know about the dreadful work that passes for modern music.

Crossroads accomplishes the astonishing feat of an elegant blend of lyrical poetry, adept musical composition and arrangement, while containing very catchy pop tunes and club tracks. Plus, there are thematic mysteries, brilliant visual art work and perfect vocals.

My favorite song is "The Place," with tones like a cosmic musical waterfall, and words of beauty delivered by a painfully sweet vocal style; and there are slightly psychedelic analogue sounds to challenge or interest the listener on the journey.

Other highlights are "What Used To Be" and "Amnesia." "What Used To Be" is a well paced electro style song with the right syncopation, builds and breaks for a DJ to take any party to a new level. "Amnesia" is like a newer, stronger version of Bladerunner, driving us to a future that doesn't suck; where artists are priests and kings and queens.

The beats and synths rock a little harder on "Identity" and "Into The Night" while maintaining what I find to be the most consistent aspect of Mind In A Box: Brilliant Lyrics.

Our culture is lucky to have them. Do buy Crossroads as soon as possible.

-Dan Morgan

Rating 10 out of 10

Posted by DJ Morgana @ 01/13/2008 04:48:22 pm
Been too long since I've listened to them. I will check it out asap!

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