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Artist Digital Factor
Album One More Piece
Record Label Wannsee Records
Year 2006

One More Piece marks the return for the 3-piece band, Digital Factor, after a seven year absence. The album is a well-polished elektro album, but with enough variance to make it an interesting listen.

The overall sense of the album is quality; every song is well thought-out and interesting. The vocals and electronics change from song to song, giving each song its own unique quality. For instance, "Plastique" strongly reminds me of Pop Will Eat Itself, whereas "Conspiracy", with female vocals, has a more electronica feel, "Superlife" is more dark elektro and "Die Liebe", more bombastic with its pounding beats. Most of the album is mid-tempo elektro, although there are a few songs that could see the dancefloor, like "Deine Welt", "Phase 2" and "Die Liebe".

The only song I didn't care for was the last track, a Power-Noise remix of "Die Liebe". While I appreciate different genres remixing other genres, this remix obliterates the song to the point of absurdity. If not for the first few seconds of unaltered song, I wouldn't know what the song used to be.

Overall, One More Piece is a great comeback album for Digital Factor, one worth picking up in you enjoy well-produced elektro music.


Rating 8 out of 10

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