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Artist bounte
Album One
Record Label Positron! Records
Artwork by Dean Dunakin
Year 2007

One is the debut album from Chicago-based Dean Dunakin, under the name Bounte. The album is a well-polished blend of various styles, centering around an electronica theme.

The album has a feeling of casual brilliance, a sound that is subtle, but richly textured at the same time. "Glide", the opening track, is a good example of this sensibility; the female vocals "glide" over the electronics. The song makes me feel like I should be in a lounge bar somewhere, enjoying a nice brandy with a cigar. "Going Nowhere" is a catchy track; the simple refrain, repeated over and over atop electronica synths, similar to early Crystal Method, won't win any awards for creative lyrics, but it will definitely get stuck in your head.

Much of the album is instrumental, except for the above-mentioned tracks, which have female vocals, and the last track, "Three Minute Miracle", which has straightforward male vocals. The album has a bit of "punch" as well, with drum-n-bass tinged tracks like "Art.Love.Music" and "Del Fromson".

One is a great album to play in the background when you want to sit and be mellow. Let the fluid sounds wash over you, and embrace you.


Rating 8 out of 10

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