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Artist Deadjump
Album Immortal
Record Label Advoxya Records
Year 2006

Deadjump is essentially the brainchild of Sao Paulo, Brazil native Alexandre Ramos. Immortal is Deadjump's fourth album and it was released in 2006.

The album starts out with a bang but Mr. Ramos' uninspired vocals quickly stamp out any flames before they can burn. There is no doubt that Alexandre has mastered the genre of harsh electro/EBM by paying close attention to his influences (Frontline Assembly, Wumpscut and Project Pitchfork); the problem is that he fails to identify himself apart from them. The production values are top of the line and some of the samples are interesting but there is very little variation between each song. On the track "Fly Into My Brain", when we're given a brief respite from the four on the floor and the vocal distortion, there is a chance for individuation. Unfortunately when Alxeandre turns down the vocal effects he sounds like a poor man's Nivek Ogre. The album could also do without the five overly ambitious remixes of the tracks Immortal and Resist.

Immortal might be an earnest work but it tries too hard for its own good. Deadjump is either going to have to jump a little higher on the next release (or just stay dead) if Mr. Ramos has any hope of distinguishing his band from Combichrist and Suicide Commando, the reigning kings of this genre.

Rating for Deadjump's "Immortal": 2 Coffins

Rating system:1 Coffin:Leave it dead and buried.
 2 Coffins:Visit the grave once but never return.
 3 Coffins:Worthy of embalming.
 4 Coffins:Raise the dead.
 5 Coffins:Necrophilic ecstasy!

-Jimmy Morbid

Rating 4 out of 10

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