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Artist C/A/T
Album Point of No Return
Record Label Crunch Pod
Artwork by art | ma
Year 2007

Point of No Return is the debut album of the California-based band, C/A/T, out on the Crunch Pod record label. This album has many of the classic industrial elements, but is strongly infused with power noise and high-energy techno synthlines, which make it worth listening to.

The album is chok-filled with samples, all well placed and well executed and are actually tied into the song, not just taking up space as filler. The samples are balanced out by distorted male vocals, but the distortion hasn't been overdone. The beats are hard and strong and many of the songs are well suited for the dancefloor. Some tracks are more power-noise, like "Malice", some more techno, like "State of Decay", some even fall on the melancholy side of things, like "Transcend". The only major break you get is the 30 plus second silence before the bonus track, "Smashed (Party Mix)".

Point of No Return is somehow infectious - I find myself listening to it over and over; something I never do. If you are a listener who enjoys industrial music with a heaping spoonful of power noise and a touch of classic techno mixed in, be sure to pick up this gem.


Rating 9 out of 10

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