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Artist Funker Vogt
Album Aviator
Record Label Metropolis Records
Year 2007

The biggest knock on Funker Vogt (aside from the ridiculous lyrics- it seems they were written in German and translated word for word into English) has been their repetitiveness. If you have heard one Funker Vogt song, you've heard them all. Well with Aviator, they have put together an excellent album. The pace is varied and the lyrics, though simple, can be thoughtful at times. This disc is solid from start to finish.

Aviator starts with "Welcome to Destruction", a slow, grinding intro that appropriately sets the stage for the rest of the album. "Paralyzed" follows, an above average track, which is where previous Funker Vogt albums stopped - they never got better than this; this album gets better. Next is "Child Soldier" and is one of the best songs. The track's lyrics are very sad and depressing, emphasized by the intro quote. Musically, this song really delivers - all the layers they use work and really add depth to the lyrics. "City of Darkness" would be a welcome addition to any club night. "My Fortune" is the catchiest and one of the best tracks on this disc. "Hostile Waters" slows it down a bit, but does not lose any of the momentum this album has built. "Thanataphobia" is next, and is, hands down, the best track. The intro pounds its way into the beginning of this song, which picks up in intensity. This song is high energy and high impact. "Frozen in Time" delivers as well, with the catchiest chorus on this disc. "One" is another fast paced club hit. "Darwin's Nightmare" is a slower song, the perfect follow up to "One". "Blind Rage" is the only weak track on this album. It is very generic - nothing original at all. This album ends with "Babylon" fittingly. This track is strong without being too high paced, leaving you wanting more. It really winds this album down well.

It seems as if previous Funker Vogt albums were trial and error to find what worked and what did not. They put together everything that has worked for them into Aviator. Much like Suicide Commando, they are releasing their best work now and getting better with each release.


Rating 9 out of 10

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