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Artist VNV Nation
Album Judgement
Record Label Metropolis Records
Year 2007

Even though this is not one of the strongest VNV Nation albums, Judgement is still pretty damn good. Be forewarned though, listen to it at least four or five times before you make up your mind - it definitely needs to grow on you. Once it did, I really appreciated the subtleties.

After the standard VNV first prelude track, "The Farthest Star" is a positive song basically stating that we can change the world, if we put our mind to it. It is catchy as hell, and only after the fifth listen does it seem appropriate as an opening track to an album. "Testament" follows, stating the problem with the world and humanity. Again, a very good track and one of the few on this album that grabs you on the first listen. "Momentum", "Nemesis", "Illusion", and "Carry You" are the rest of the noteworthy songs. "Momentum" sounds like it was written expressly for the dance floor and is the club hit off of this album. This is the most adrenaline pumping track on Judgement. It builds momentum, until the climax where it really explodes. "Nemesis" is similar to "Momentum"- just not as brooding. "Illusion" is a really beautiful ballad that is as strong as any ballad that they have done, if not the strongest. Finally, "Carry You" is a mid tempo, melancholic track that is fitting as one of the final tracks.

Overall, this is a strong album that will be really appreciated by VNV Nation fans. For newbies, I would recommend the previous CD, Matter and Form.


Rating 8 out of 10

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Posted by Genesis @ 12/01/2013 02:14:23 am
I worked the fat off with this CD in the gym.. got my Momentum goin! Empires was my favourite CD, until this one. It really grew on me now i love it.

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