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Artist Scream Silence
Album Aphelia
Record Label Plainsong Records
Year 2007

Aphelia is the latest release for the German band, Scream Silence. This album continues the polished, melodic, gothic-rock/metal sound that Scream Silence is known for.

The album leads off with the solid ballad, "My Eyes", which exemplifies the sound of Scream Silence; down-tempo, melodic, orchestra sounds blended with guitar, bass, and drum backing, and deep, rich vocals. One unusual moment on the album occurs in the song "Nothingness", which has nice, soothing vocals, until towards the end, you get a surprise switch to more growly vocals, for emphasis I would assume. The title track, "Aphelia", finishes the album at an astounding length of 12 minutes and 46 seconds, with what appears to be three distinct sections. As an added bonus, Aphelia contains three live tracks: "Harvest", "Consolation", and "Immortal". In reflection, the strongest songs are "Kerosene", "The Vitriol", "My Tenebrous Illusion" and "In every Sin" - dark, catchy pieces with nice hooks.

Aphelia showcases the strong, consistent sound of Scream Silence, an album which will definitely appeal to romantic/goth/dark-rock/metal fans.


Rating 9 out of 10

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