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Artist Suicide Commando
Album Bind, Torture, Kill
Record Label Dependent Records
Year 2006

Very rarely can you find a band where the quality does not wane with every new release. Suicide Commando is the exception to this and this album proves it. There really is nothing original here, but Johan Van Roy uses his tested formula flawlessly.

Bind, Torture, Kill is a bit more abrasive than the previous album, Axis of Evil, and the production is reminiscent of Mindstrip at times. I was left with wanting more from Axis of Evil, but there is nothing like that on this one. This disc has more potential club hits than any previous release, from the very catchy "Menschfresser", to the frantic "Conspiracy with the Devil", you could play this disc from start to finish on the dance floor and there would not be any complaints.


Rating 9 out of 10

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