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Artist Re/Move
Album Uppercut
Record Label Decandance Records
Year 2006

Uppercut is the debut album by the 4-piece Spanish band, Re/Move. The music is a blend of hard-hitting dancefloor beats, mixed at times with searing guitar and straightforward vocals, which amounts to quite a solid release.

This album is mainly non-stop energy aimed at the dancefloor with songs like "We Are the Message" and "A Sweet Lie" that are sure to put any dance club into a frenzy. Uppercut also has its softer moments, though, with songs like "Understand" and "A Whey". There is an interesting sample used on "A Whey" of the Apollo moon landing and Richard Nixon's call to the ship. I don't know if it's the sample or the synths, but this song strongly reminds me of VNV Nation. This album is not pure electronics either; songs like "I'm Over Again" blend crunchy guitar with the energetic synth lines, creating a perfect harmony.

Re/Move delivers a solid album with Uppercut, blending hard, dance-friendly beats, the occasional guitar, and strong vocals, delivering something akin to EBM/ Futurepop/ something else. For those who want an album that makes them want to "move", this album is a must.


Rating 9 out of 10

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