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Artist Infection Agenda
Album Pop Culture Renaissance
Record Label Vishnu Records
Year 2006

Pop Culture Renaissance is the third release for the Electro-punk band, Infection Agenda. This album is an aural assault of angry, distorted, punk-tinged vocals and heavily distorted, well, everything, all thrown at you in under 30 minutes. With some songs being slightly over one minute, you know you're in the realm of punk. To help you understand this album, here's an analogy: picture yourself, standing, just minding your own business, when you see a total stranger, running straight at you, screaming incomprehensible words, flailing his arms, almost foaming at the mouth, and without warning, he hits you square in the jaw, knocking you right over, then disappears as quickly as he appeared - this is Pop Culture Renaissance.


Rating 7 out of 10

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