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Artist Heimataerde
Album Kadavergehorsam
Record Label Infacted Recordings
Year 2006

With their sophomore release of Kadavergehorsam, Heimataerde have really come into their own. The higher energy songs are very intense and the slower ones are melodic and sad, but they do not drone on. While the previous cd, Gotteskrieger, may have had this problem, they have found a very good solution in Kadavergehorsam.

Again, in contrast to Gotteskrieger, the tracks may be similar, but not repetitive. There are quite a bit more danceable songs and a better mix. The high energy tracks do not merely sound like the slower tracks sped up and vice versa. The beginning of the album sounds a bit too much like old Wumpscut, but it gets over this quickly and really finds its groove. Though the tracks are not as well arranged as they could be, it almost works in their favour. This keeps the sound fresh and the energy sustained throughout the album.

If you need to pick up an album to "test" out Heimataerde, Kadavergehorsam would be the one to choose.


Rating 8 out of 10

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