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Artist Kosmic Horror
Album Zarkov Protocols Vol. 1
Year 2004

What do you get when you mix industrial-metal and a language inspired by a cult sci-fi television series? Klingon-rock, of course! Zarkov Protocols Vol.1 is the rather intriguing album from Kosmic Horror. While this may seem a bit odd, it is a rather well done album with a continuity not often found in many albums.

When I first opened the package I had received, I did not realize what I hade in my hands, and by the name of the band, thought it might have been inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Upon further examination of the track titles and the interesting symbol on the front of the album, I soon realized, with some trepidation, that this album was music sung with Klingon (see Star Trek) lyrics. Setting aside my concerns, I listened to the album, and found, to my amazement, that it's a great album. The Klingon sounds "right" somehow; similar to German songs I love (I know only bits of German, yet I can appreciate the music none-the-less).

A lot of thought has gone into this concept album - there is a storyline throughout the whole of the album, with snippets of English, as though from a diary, connecting each piece. The songs themselves are interesting and catchy - the vocals are often deep and guttural, but they work somehow. "Khemorox Klinzhai" has an interesting mix of uniquely distorted (female?) vocals and spoken Klingon. There is plenty of guitar for the metal-minded, but it is nicely backed by subtle electronics. "D-Day" is the most accessible track; something I would say is akin to songs from KMFDM.

For the musically adventurous who are looking for something off the beaten path, Zarkov Protocols Vol. 1 is definitely it. The music is good, the album concept is solid, and the vocals work - what more is there to say.


Rating 9 out of 10

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