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Artist Emplosia
Album Emplosia
Record Label Q-Code Records
Year 2006

Emplosia is the self-titled debut for the Russian female-duo of Darja and Julia. Firmly falling in the synthpop realm, Emplosia's songs are catchy and have an airy feel to them.

The album is a mixture of songs containing nice, light, synth textures and darker, brooding tracks. The songs all have prominent deep, female vocals sung in both Russian and English. It's nice to hear some songs in English, some in Russian. It seems many bands abandon their native tongue in favor of English to reach a larger audience, but non-English languages often add a unique aspect to a song that would be missing otherwise.

The album also includes a cover of Project Pitchfork's song "Daimonion" that is both faithful to the original song and different enough for Emplosia to call it their own. Standout tracks include "Тоска [Пластилиновые Дни]", "Terra X", "Daimonion" and "Запретная Зона".

Emplosia is a very well done debut from a very promising band. This album will definitely appeal to synthpop fans, even those who do not speak Russian.


Rating 8 out of 10

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