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Artist K-Nitrate
Album Active Cell
Record Label MOMT Records
Artwork by
Year 2007

Active Cell is the new album from the UK band K-Nitrate, which aurally assaults you with energy in its truest techno-musical form.

This album is designed to get you moving, pure and simple. Think 90's old-school techno in the vein of bands like Orbital and older 808 State and you've got the idea. I suppose this shouldn't be surprising since the band formed in the early 90's. Songs like "Metal Poison", "Transmit", which strongly reminds me of Orbital, and "Fat America" absolutely demand movement of the listener. You won't find any singing on this album, but the occasional sample here and there. That's ok though, more space for you to appreciate the undulating rhythms flying past your head at full speed.

Active Cell is recommended only for those who remember and enjoyed the older techno style - a small treat in a world of sedentary complacency.


Rating 8 out of 10

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