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Artist Anders Manga
Album Blood Lush
Record Label Vampture Records
Year 2007

If there's one thing you can say about the darkwave master, Anders Manga, he is certainly prolific (four albums in under two years and a multitude of videos) - I don't believe it has even been six months since Welcome to The Horror Show and here we have Blood Lush.

Blood Lush is a return to the creative energy found in the first album, Left of an All-Time Low. The previous two albums were decent enough, but did not inspire me like the debut album. Blood Lush definitely picks up where the debut left off and goes in different directions, giving the album more depth. The melodies are catchy and the songs interesting to listen to. In the middle of the album is "Sleeping (In the Fire)" (ouch!), a very strong ballad - a nice diversion from the more up-tempo darkwave tracks mainly present on the album. "Public Service Announcement" is clearly the most unique track, with what I believe is samples of Jack Webb from the classic television series "Dragnet" - repetitive in nature, yet a catchy tune - sort of a mash-up of old-school techno and darkwave.

Blood Lush is a refreshing album for Anders Manga, adding more variation and experimentation than some of the earlier works. All the tracks are strong and catchy and this album is a must for the darkwave enthusiast.


Rating 8 out of 10

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