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Artist Heimataerde
Album Gotteskrieger
Record Label Infacted Recordings
Year 2004

If any band has a distinct sound, it is Heimataerde. Every song has a medieval feel to it - like old Wumpscut. Gotteskrieger starts off promising, but around the halfway mark, it loses its energy and starts to sound mundane. The first four or five tracks are very good, as well as a couple in the latter half. Unfortunately, this is not enough to carry the entire album.

Although their tracks sound like they blend into one twenty-minute song, they are good enough as a soundtrack for an evening. Their sound is almost soothing. This CD has two or three danceable tracks, especially "Gib Mir", which should definitely be a staple in any club. This album is definitely a mood setter and excellent background music. I find the album great to fall asleep to due to the Eastern influence in their sound. Heimataerde can definitely set a tone with their sound, however, this tone is a bit too repetitive.


Rating 7 out of 10

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