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Artist Reaper
Album Hell Starts With an H
Record Label COP International
Year 2007

After the split with vocalist Henrik Iversen in the band NamNamBulu, Reaper has become the new main project for Vasi Vallis. Hell Starts With an H is the follow-up album to Reaper's successful EP, Angst, and continues to define the sound that is Reaper.

Hell Starts With an H is a pounding, noisy, dance oriented torrent, vaguely similar to the likes of Feindflug or Virtual Embrace, but less harsh and dancier. The album is mainly instrumental, but interjected with a good helping of vocal samples and also contains several collaborations: Mark Jackson from VNV Nation lends his vocal talents to "Twisted Trophy Hunter", Suicide Commando is featured on the track "Weltfremd" and "TTH 2.0" features NVMPH. The almost obligatory remixes are also present by such well known acts as Painbastard and XP8, as well as remixes from Sam, Modulate and Schallfaktor.

While I was very fond of NamNamBulu and the futurepop sound that it had, I can certainly say that I love Reaper's elektro/industrial sound just as much. Reaper has mixed the right amount of dancy, industrial elements with energetic rhythms that make you want to move. Do yourself a favor and pick this album up pronto - you'll be glad you did.


Rating 9 out of 10

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