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Artist Void Construct
Album Sensory Division
Record Label Cryonica Music
Year 2002

From the first track on this album to the last, Sensory Division is more polished than Void Construct's previous effort, Estramay Aleph. Though this album is not as intense, it still delivers. It stands out more than most albums, but does tend to sound the same by the end.

This CD is very layered and works really well, however, after an album like Estramay Aleph, it does fall short. Still, this is better than most releases by other bands in this genre. Unlike the previous album, I had to listen to it a couple of times to hear and "get" each song, like when I listened to FLA's Epitaph the first few times. It is not a cacophony of noise at all, but the mixing of the layers is very well done. But this is the same reason why I liked it a little bit less than the previous album. You can hear the effort that went into the writing and formation of each song though and there is a definite maturation in their sound.

The "in your face" sound was done to near perfection in Estramay Aleph, so it may be a bit unfair to compare Sensory Division the previous work. Held up against other bands and albums, ALL of Void Construct's albums rank better than most. There really is not a band that sounds quite like them. The closest would be Flesh Field, but even that is a far cry.


Rating 8 out of 10

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