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Artist Blood
Album G.E.N.
Year 2006

G.E.N. is the newest release for the Spanish band, Blood, since their 2005 full-length release, Psike. This album is definitely a forward progression in the band's sound, a crunchy, industrial-styled rock with backing electronics (think Spanish Rammstein).

What is immediately apparent is the vast improvement of sound quality. The EP contains three new songs, five remixes of previously released songs, and the three new songs in instrumental form. All three new tracks, "Gotika", "Egos", and "Nirvana" are filled with commanding vocals, crunchy guitar, and orchestral synthlines.  These songs will definitely get the blood boiling (pun intended).

The middle of the EP is filled with dancier remixes of older Blood songs, "Mas Gas", "Ansia", "Sangre", "Pena de Vida", and Victimas". The remixes are followed by instrumental versions of the three new songs, but don't really add anything new. I'm not sure why these were included - perhaps to fill out the EP. As a bonus, the EP also includes the video for the song "Orgasmatick", which can also be found in our video section.

The band's similarity to Rammstein is very apparent, but is different enough to stand on its own. G.E.N. presents a more fully realized sound for Blood, which should do nothing but gain them a larger audience. I look forward to hearing more from Blood in the future.


Rating 8 out of 10

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