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Artist Celadon
Album Post-Industrial Delicacies
Artwork by Siege
Year 2006

Celadon is the one man project of Eric Maia of Seattle. The self-released 8 track debut, Post-Industrial Delicacies, is a fusion of early industrial, ambient, and experimental styles.

The first half of the album has a foreboding element to it: "Earth Abides" has an earthy feel to it, but there is a prevailing sense of "doom" hiding just out of reach. "Curiouser" is filled with sinister laughing and someone who overheard me playing this track described it as sounding like "creepy circus music". "Lie With Me" is both the best and most haunting of the tracks. The spoken vocals are filled with alternate implications - do not trust this person, this demon in human form.

The rest of the album varies between quirky ambient and IDM, though there is the odd exception of "Good Ole Boy", quite filled with vocal samples, and whose point I am not sure of.

Experimental releases can sometimes be difficult for the listener, especially if they aren't prepared for it. For a pounding, aural assault, go elsewhere, for walk through the mind of a musician, try this album. The intricate blending of sounds, at times harsh, at times soothing, produce a unique element that can be somewhat off key, but melodic none-the-less. Those familiar with bands like Download or Pigface will find similarities in Celadon's offbeat soundscapes.


Rating 7 out of 10

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