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Artist Code Name
Album Bizarre Action Figures
Year 2006

Bizarre Action Figures is the latest release for the Spanish band Code Name. The band's sound is very reminiscent of KMFDM in their heyday, though maybe a bit more industrial-metal.

Code Name borrows the name of their songs from horror movies (which I imagine will give them plenty of names to choose from before they run out). "La Muerte Viaje en Video" starts out the album, an industrial/metal-rock song with Spanish-sung male vocals, backed by female vocals, designed to immediately kickstart the album in full swing. "Killer Klowns" follows, which strongly reminds me of KMFDM in its mixture of male/female vocals, electronics and guitar. "Critters" mixes multiple male vocals and female vocals exquisitely, creating a vocally strong melody - the video for this song can be found in our video section. "Brain Damage" is a bit slower, a bit darker, almost ballad-like. "Lost Boys" has great harmony and interesting horn accents.

"Scanners", named for the literally mind-blowing movie, certainly keeps in tune with its namesake - screeching, angry vocals assault your ears, reminiscient of Judas Priest's frontman Rob Halford, read to split your mind apart. "Candyman" definitely take the tempo down a notch or two with deeper, slower vocals, almost dirge-like metal.

Following the main tracks are 5 remixes of previously released tracks and a remix of "Critters". The remixes are all rather good, but I especially liked track 12, "Turbo-Zombies Ultramasturbator remix by Kamao" for it's old-school mixing of electronics with the guitar-driven song. After such a fantastic track, it's a shame the album ends with the "Critters" remix by Ba2 DJ - just pretend the album ends before this track and all is good.

Code Name definitely have a great sound and know how to blend their vocals to perfection. The driving guitar and subtle electronics makes this a fine addition to listeners who enjoy industrial-rock/metal.


Rating 8 out of 10

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