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Artist The Fair Sex
Album Drop Your Anxiety
Record Label Van Richter Records
Year 2006

Van Richter Records has quickly followed up their release of The Fair Sex's "best of", The Dark Ages, with the remix album, Drop Your Anxiety. Here you'll find classics from The Fair Sex, remixed to given them a more dance floor friendly quality.

I am not overly familiar with The Fair Sex's older works, so this review will be a bit odd in that I can't compare the remixes to the original tracks.

The album as a whole is interesting - the tracks have been pulled from the albums Bite Release Bite, Spell of Joy and Labyrinth, all releases from the early to mid 90's. You can definitely hear the age of the tracks, many having a sound similar to earlier Skinny Puppy, but the remixes twist this sound a bit, making the songs more melodic, more "danceable".

Most of the tracks are catchy, though I'm not sure all of them will make it to the dance floor because of their slower tempo. Standout tracks include "Alaska (Hookline Assembler)", "Shelter (TFS.TDC Act)", "Fat Bellies' Hunger (Greed Version)", "Soulspirit (Spiritualized)", "You Have To Eat Me Now", "White Noise (All For Nothing Version)".

The last track on the album is a live version of "Shelter", so if you are unfamilar with the original songs, this gives you a sense of the track's original qualities. You can clearly see how the guitar work from the original track has been replaced by electronic beats in the "TFS.TDC ACT" remix.

This album is yet another interesting look at a one of the early pioneers of the industrial sound. While more hardcore fans of The Fair Sex may not like the twists on old classics, those newer to the band may find this album a good starting point to find out what The Fair Sex is all about.


Rating 7 out of 10

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