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Artist MonsterGod
Album Newborn Monster
Artwork by Grzegorz Surdykowski
Year 2006

Newborn Monster, the 5 track demo from the Polish band MonsterGod, is sure to be a monster of a hit. The music is slower tempo darkwave-electro/ebm, but has a powerful feel to the music.

"Smile", the first track, is low key, but has a strong melody and whispery vocals. "Obsession" is next, and keeps the same tempo, with interesting samples and different effects on the vocals. "The Revenant" uses samples to good effect, intertwining them with alternating spoken and sung vocals and "Touchell" follows with a more gritty feel to the music.

The fifth track, a bonus track on the cd, is a cover of Depeche Mode's "Shaking the Disease" and is very interesting indeed. MonsterGod has definitely kept true to the original song, but definitely given it their own "flavor". It's good to see someone using a less covered Depeche Mode track (how many "Behind the Wheel" covers does one genre need?).

MonsterGod's music is like a large, slow moving sledgehammer that is about to smash you in the head; there is an underlying sense of weight and power to the music. If this is just the demo, I eagerly await a full-length release from this very promising band.


Rating 8 out of 10

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