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Artist Girls Under Glass
Album Equilibrium
Record Label Van Richter Records
Year 2006

Equilibrium is the U.S. issue of Girls Under Glass' 1999 album of the same title, out on the Van Richter Records label. The album includes the original 9 tracks, plus a cover of Kraftwerk's "Radioaktivitat" by the Girls Under Glass side-project Trauma, as well as two additional hidden tracks.

The first track, "Roses of Death", sets the tempo for the album - slow, melodic and definitely falling somewhere between goth-rock and goth-metal. The mixture of male and female vocals on this album is quite a change from the previous album, Firewalker, a very hard-edged industrial inspired album. The interplay of guitar/bass/drums and electronics is well done, with the electronics not overpowering, but complimenting the rest of the sound, such as the song "New World Order". "Wings" and Future Assault" are some of the catchier songs, and "Desire Lasts Forever" has a unique, electronic vocal style that is refreshing.

Equilibrium is a much mellower album than earlier works. The songs are well crafted, diverse, and stand the test of time, having been produced nearly seven years ago. This album would be a welcome addition to anyone who enjoys goth-rock/darkwave music with a bit of a metal edge to it.


Rating 7 out of 10

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