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Artist Collide
Album Like the Hunted (DVD)
Record Label Noiseplus Music
Year 2005

Collide, the duo of Statik and kaRIN, has been around for over 10 years, releasing many great albums, but have always been just a studio band. Well that has changed; Collide have hit the road and Like the Hunted is their live performance from April, 2005 at the El Rey in Los Angeles.

The DVD has a nice cover, though the content listing on the back is a little hard to read. The inside is very sparse: just the DVD. I would like to have seen liner notes, but after all, this is a DVD and the contents of the DVD more than makes up for anything lacking in packaging.

The menus are visually pleasant and clear and concise; no hunting for menu items. The DVD contains the live concert, plus added bonuses of an in-depth interview, acoustic performances of "Modify" and "Deep", all of their videos to date and a gallery of photographs.

The 60+ minute concert is done very well. Often, music DVDs can be stale and drain the music of its impact. It was refreshing to see the dynamic coverage of the show, with multiple angles and for the most part, no evidence of the video cameraman. The video itself is top-notch; the video is sharp, the colors are vivid, and the audio sounds "live" without being washed out. We get to see all of the band members, although Statik either seems to be camera shy or they just didn't get good shots of him. All of the "hits" of Collide are represented, and the recording has the feel of a live concert, as opposed to being staged for the DVD. The concert also feels intimate, which would be lost had it been in a larger venue. The crowd in responsive, but fairly subdued. The songs themselves have an added dimension from live play, due to the additional four live band members.

Onto the special features: The live photos give a glimpse of the visuals from other live performances and are presented with background music. The studio photos are very well done; exquisite photography. The music videos are also well done and even if you have seen online versions, the DVD versions are so much better. There are also live videos for "Like You Want to Believe" and "Wings of Steel", plus acoustic performance videos for "Modify" and "Deep". The interview, "The Modification", is a candid look into the motives and thoughts of Collide.

"Like the Hunted" is an excellent example of what a music DVD should be. There is plenty of content and it keeps your attention. If you're a Collide fan or you're curious as to what Collide is all about, this is the DVD to buy.


Rating 7 out of 10

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