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Artist Revolver Modele
Album Discotheque Crypt
Year 2006

After several EP releases, Revolver Modèle, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, release their debut full-length, Discotheque Crypt. This release is very reminiscent of the early 80's goth rock sound like that of Joy Division and Bauhaus, but updated for today.

"Les Diabolques", the first track, definitely has that 80's Manchester sound; deep vocals and clean sounds, with that edge of post-punk rock. Missing are the synths that would give their sound a darkwave vibe, but that's not a bad thing. There's something pure in songs like "Les Diabolques", "Ah Ah Ah", "The Ache" and "Body Without Organs" that electronics would detract from.

As a bonus, Discotheque Crypt comes with the video for "Les Diabolques". Also check out our video section for the video "An Instant", a track on their self-titled EP, Revolver Modèle. If you want stripped down, good early 80's-styled goth rock, Revolver Modèle are a band to watch out for.


Rating 7 out of 10

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