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Artist Rotersand
Album Welcome to Goodbye
Record Label Metropolis Records
Year 2005

Welcome to Goodbye is the second full-length release from the trio known as Rotersand and continues where their debut album, Truth is Fanatic, left off. Prepare to hear a wide range of styles, all done to near perfection.

The intro track, "Welcome to Goodbye", starts the album off with soft orchestral sounds, then immediately delves into sweeping synths and pounding beats with "Dare to Live". "The Last Ship Pt. 1" continues the liveliness, a sure dance-floor mover. "Almost Wasted" starts out slow and builds and builds, sweeping you along its musical crescendo to the climax at the end - fantastic. "Storm" sneaks up on you and pounds your brain with machine gun-like drumming, floats away again and hits you one more time. "By the Waters" takes the tempo down and lets you float along a gentle river of sound.

Though it would be hard to pick a favorite track on this album (due to the many, many superb tracks), "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy" is my favorite. It takes the classic line of the Daleks from Dr. Who and gives you an anthem to march by. "Undone", another quality track, is followed by the unusual song "Would you Buy This?". Picture yourself sitting at a long table in a white, sterile room and a man in asks you random questions in rapid succession - this song is great for the questions it poses. "Alive" is next and cranks up the beat, followed by the slower tempo "All in All". The album finishes with a very mellow "Angels Falling", reminiscent of Pink Floyd.

I cannot say enough about this album. Welcome to Goodbye is a fantastic follow-up to Truth is Fanatic and raises the bar for creativity, diversity and just downright great music, something this genre has not seen in a while, even from some of its more prominent bands. If you don't own this album, it is your duty to go buy it right now - you'll be glad you did.


Rating 9 out of 10

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