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Artist Psychophile
Album Vodka Milk
Record Label novaDIEM Records
Year 2005

Vodka Milk is the second full-length release for the UK darkwave band Psychophile. The album is filled with deep female vocals and a catchy, dark sound.

The album starts with "All in the Mind", a lively darkwave song, followed by a bleaker sounding "Naked", with almost wailing vocals. "Isolation" has a bit softer sound with quieter vocals and piano accompaniment. "Waves" is a nice even piece and is probably my favorite track on the album; it has a nice breadth of sound. Other standout tracks include "The Otherside", "Circles", "Not Listening" and "Dreams in Vain".

This sophomore album from Psychophile is a solid release and is worth a look for fans of darkwave music.

As an addendum, Psychophile's track "All in the Mind" has been included on the sound track for the Xbox 360 driving game, "Project Gotham Racing 3".


Rating 7 out of 10

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Posted by Gunther @ 02/27/2012 08:06:32 am
ich liebe ihren reichlichen Busen!

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