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Artist Rammstein
Album Rosenrot
Year 2005

Rosenrot, Rammstein's fifth full-length release, follows closely after the 2004 release of its predecessor, Reise Reise, and while not necessarily as good as previous releases, isn't a bad album either.

Rosenrot is apparently a combination of leftover tracks from the Reise, Reise sessions and some newer tracks. "Benzin", the first track, definitely starts the album out with classic Rammstein energy and is probably the best track on the album. "Mann Gegen Mann" balances soft and hard sounds to great effect, while "Rosenrot" is a bit more even-keel and isn't as spectacular a track, but the video for it is fantastic.

"Spring", the fourth track, is a much slower track, sort of like Rammstein on half speed. "Wo Bist Du" is another great track, but is followed by the strange ballad-like track "Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don't Die Before I Do)" with female vocals that remind me of Kate Bush. This is definitely one of the two more unusual tracks on Rosenrot and may take long-time Rammstein fans by surprise. "Zerstören" cranks the ferocity back up so you remember you're listening to Rammstein.

"Hilf Mir" is somewhat bland, but isn't really bad either - it's just kind of there. Track nine, "Te Quiero Puta!", is the other track that will throw listeners. Here we see a strange fusion of the classic Rammstein crunching guitars and Spanish trumpets. The Spanish vocals alternate between Lindermann's usual gruff voice and a Spanish speaking female, creating an odd, yet catchy track. "Feuer und Wasser" is an average track and the album finishes with the very subdued track, "Ein Lied".

Rosenrot is a decent album, but is certainly not the best work put out by Rammstein. The quick release of a new album only a year after its predecessor may hurt this album, as many people may still be entranced by Reise, Resie. Regardless of whether the songs were outtakes or not, a bit more time should probably have been spent on this album - there are only one or two really great tracks and at least half the tracks are uninteresting or forgettable.


Rating 7 out of 10

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