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Artist Venus Fly Trap
Album Zenith
Record Label Big Blue Records
Year 2004

Zenith is the sixth full-length release for Venus Fly Trap, the duo of Alex Novak and Andy Denton. Zenith is the first truly new material from Venus Fly Trap since their 1997 album, Dark Armour.

The album has a minimalist sound, at times droning, at others more upbeat. The sound is definitely early eighties influenced, but is also blended with newer sound structures and styles. The vocals are simple, spoken much of the time, reinforcing the minimalist concept.

The beginning of the album is somewhat slow, but in the middle of the album, "Twilight Opera" and "Mercury" bring the tempo up, with heavy sounding synths. "Infra Red" is also more melodic, as is the last track, "Neg X", though it takes a while to get going.

This album is complex, even if the sound isn't at times. It will take a few listens to "get" the album. It may not sit well with you at first, but it is certainly different enough to explore further.


Rating 7 out of 10

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