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Artist The Fair Sex
Album The Dark Ages
Record Label Van Richter Records
Year 2005

The Dark Ages is a retrospective of the German band, The Fair Sex, one of the pioneers of the guitar/synth crossover sound from the 80's era. Both cds deliver non-stop energy, raw angst-ridden vocals and crushing guitar, contrasted with early synth sounds in the styles of the early industrial bands.

This 2 cd release spans much of the early works of the band, but also includes two new tracks, "Beautiful Nightmare: The Number One" on disc one and a cover of T-Rex's "Children of the Revolution" on disc two. These tracks show the development of the band's sound and that they are as good today as they were 20 years ago, if not better, infusing distorted guitar and synth in perfect industrial harmony.

If you've never heard The Fair Sex and want to see what they're all about or would just like to hear some good old industrial, this is the perfect release to pick up.


Rating 7 out of 10

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