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Artist Flatline Transmissions
Album Demo 2005
Year 2005

Flatline Transmissions is the side project of the_gun from the Razor Skyline; Onyx from Razor Skyline and newcomer Zo fill out the rest of the band. This 6 track demo, produced by Mark Pistel (Consolidated, Meat Beat Manifesto), blends punk, goth rock and electro to give Flatline Transmissions their own unique sound.

"The Blackest Heart" is a great first track, balancing synth and guitar nicely, followed by "Faster Than Light" which is a bit heavier on the synths. "She Said" has a guitar driven sound in the classic goth rock style with a good vocal blend of male and female voices. "Airstrike Salvation" stays in the goth/punk arena, followed by an electro "Happy To See Me Fail". "Sea of Change", the last track, is a ballad that is all right, but is a bit weak on the vocals - perhaps ballads aren't their thing.

This demo from Flatline Transmissions is a promising view of good things to come, I'm sure. I looked forward to hearing more from this project.


Rating 7 out of 10

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