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Artist Alice in Videoland
Album Outrageous
Record Label Storming Records
Year 2005

Outrageous is the second full-length release from the female-fronted Swedish act, Alice in Videoland, out on Storming Records, a division of the Canadian music shop, Storming the Base. This album has a fun, quirky sound, reminiscient of early 80's pop and punk-rock.

The album starts out solid with "Ladykiller" and "Cut the Crap". Both songs have that early 80's sound, which I found oddly catchy. You may not normally like such music, but somehow it draws you in. "Cut the Crap" is probably the best track on the album and I find that it keeps getting "stuck" in my mind.

The tracks that follow are not bad, but don't "shine" quite as much as the first two tracks. Track 7, "Falling", takes a stab at a ballad of sorts, which seems to drag the energy of the album down a bit, but is followed by "Bad Boy", another catchy tune. The album ends with "Wrapped", which probably comes the most close to being a standard synth/ebm song.

In you're looking for a diversion from the usual and a trip back to the 80's, Outrageous is a good condidate.


Rating 7 out of 10

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