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Artist Various Artists
Album Interbreeding VII
Record Label BLC Productions
Artwork by Dead Dreamer
Year 2005

Here we have the seventh installment of BLC Production's Interbreeding series, The Flesh Harvest / Natural Enemies (NOLA Edition), with what is probably the best of the series so far. This is a good taste of many known and not-so-well known bands, wrapped in the visual stylings of the talented Dead Dreamer.

Disc 1, The Flesh Harvest, contains many gems: Terror Punk Syndicate's "Dysmorphia", Process of Elimination's "End of Line (Boxcutter Mix)", Winterstahl with Self-Deception ([Dan.I] Version) and a great track from the legendary band Das Ich with "Uterus" from their last album, Lava. There's a great power noise track, "Entombed", from Xentrifuge, followed by Vega Velocity (Sidera Remix by T3hn0ph0bia) by the Italian band Syrian and Tristraum with the soulfull track "I'm Under No One (God Project Remix)". Grandchaos, Hioctan, Void Kampf, Schattenschlag, Run Level Zero and Cycline B wrap up disc 1, all with great tracks. Consider this a 99% lean cd, without added filler and no preservatives.

Natural Enemies, the 2nd disc, is by no means to be considered secondary to disc 1 in quality. Audioplug delivers a superb synth track with "Too Late", Supreme Court follows with "Voice of Lying (V.1.0)" and Dunkelwerk brings us the quality electro track "Bastard (Against the Beast Version)". BLC's own roster isn't as well represented as on some of the other IB series, but The Pain Machinery's "Pre-Programmed Automatic (Interbreeding Version)" reminds us that this label's bands do not disappoint. The next track, "Momentum (Fast Forward)" from Negative Format, is sure to move any dancefloor into a frenzy. Diverje, Alien Product, and Neikka RPM continue this non-stop aural treat, and Vigilante, who I swear is the second coming of Die Krupps, brings us "Juico Final". Brainclaw, Derma-Tek, and Severe Illusion continue the harder edge music, followed by the mellow track "Dirt (Hungry Lucy Remix)" by Implant. Regenerator gets things moving again with "Death (Lukotyk Mutation)". The disc ends with Syrian's fellow countrymen, XP8, with "Bleed and Shout (Divider Remix)". Though I can't quite say why, I think the second disc is my favorite of the two.

BLC's Interbreeding VII brings us two cds filled with great tracks from talented bands, many who you may or may not be familiar with. If you shy away from compilations because they seem to contain nothing new, I would suggest checking this one out - it is filled with a spectrum of diversity that should please any listener of great electro music.


Rating 7 out of 10

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