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Artist Various Artists
Album Mind Ripper II
Record Label Van Richter Records
Year 2005

Mind Ripper II is the second compilation from the aggro-industrial record label, Van Richter. The compilation repesents the label's six bands: The Fair Sex, Girls Under Glass, Testify, Plastic Noise Experience, Death and Horror, Inc., and Sielwolf with two songs each, just enough to give you a taste for what Van Richter is all about.

The Fair Sex starts the compilation with "Beautiful Nightmare: The Number One", a good old-school track, followed by Girls Under Glass' interpretation of the theme song from the movie "Halloween". While the track starts out much the same as the original song, it quickly gets cranked up a notch with hard, driving beats. Testify is up next with "Quest of Nothing", remixed by Die Warzau. Plastic Noise Experience follows with "Kill What Kills You", an excellent unreleased track, once again with a vibe of old-school industrial. "Chemical Land (Showdown Version)", from Death and Horror, Inc. is another great track, followed by industrial-noise track "Korrosion" from Sielwolf, reminiscent of early Ministry.

The Fair Sex starts out the second half of the album with "Children of the Revolution", followed by my favorite track on the album, "The Bitter End" from Girls Under Glass. Track 9, "The Seeds of Wrath" from Tesify, seems to break from the general theme of the album with an almost purely metal sound. In contrast, Plastic Noise Experience's "City of Lies (remix)" is a more minimal song, with old-school vocals. We get another pounding track from Death and Horror, Inc. with "New Vision" and the albums finishes with the haunting, instrumental track "Nautilus #1" from Sielwolf.

Overall, Mind Ripper II is a good sampler of some great bands you may or may not have known and is a blast from the past to remind us of the roots of today's industrial music.


Rating 7 out of 10

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