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Artist Retractor
Album No Resistance
Artwork by Wilhelm Steiner @
Year 2005

Retractor is the the duo of Milton Sanchez and Anthony Stuart, hailing from Puerto Rico. No Resistance, the band's debut release on Black Flames Records, delivers a blend of old-school electro/ebm music - heavily distorted vocals over heavy, pounding beats, with the mandatory sample thrown in here and there.

The album starts with the track "Theory" (misspelled on the release sleeve as "Theroy"). On this track, you get a sample of Brad Pitt from "12 Monkeys", good heavy beats and vocals so distorted you almost can't tell what is being said.

This vocal issue is corrected a third of the way through the album, starting with the track "Resistance", so that you can actually tell what the vocalist is saying. Track 8, "Psycho vs. Killer", is my favorite track on the album, with nice catchy synth lines, good vocals and good beat.

For a debut release, No Resistance is a technically good album, firmly planted in the harsh electro genre, with good song structure and layering, but it feels like you have heard the album before and can't quite remember which band. Less distortion and more unique samples would probably help. 


Rating 7 out of 10

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