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Artist Plume
Album At Last
Record Label Fiat Lux United
Year 2005

Plume is the duo of Lucas and Catherine Tizon, formerly of London, now based in New Jersey. At Last, their first full length release, is full of crunchy guitars, gritty female vocals and well constructed song structures.

"Sioux Falls" starts out the album is excellent fashion. A good blend of guitar, electronics and Catherine's slightly distorted voice over the top - a refreshing change in comparison to many of the female vocals present in electro/industrial bands.

"The Revenge" is my favorite track on the album. An almost pop-like quality, this track reminds me of the band Garbage. With an unusual take on the pronunciation of "revenge", Catherine's accent comes out strongly in this song, giving the vocals a unique sound. How can you find fault with a song about getting back at those who have wronged you, especially when it's wrapped up in such a nice catchy song?

"New World" take the tempo down a notch, replacing the guitar from previous tracks with a full accompaniment of electronics. "Soldier" brings the tempo down further, almost to a crawl, full of emotion and melancholy.

The rest of the album bounces between up tempo and down tempo songs, each song complimenting one another. At the end of the album, "Psycho" has a much harder punk edge to it, with screaming, distorted vocals; rather apt for a song called Psycho. "Wake Up" finishes the album, soothing the senses after "Psycho" with a calmer song, though the vocals are more distorted.

At Last blends distorted guitar, electronics and vocals into a well orchestrated album. The electro-punk qualities and harder edged female vocals are definitely welcome in a genre that at seems to have become a bit too formulaic.


Rating 7 out of 10

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