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Artist Conjure One
Album Extraordinary Ways
Record Label Projekt
Year 2005

Extraordinary Ways is the second release from Rhys Fulber's solo project, Conjure One. Rhys Fulber, probably better known for his work in Front Line Assembly and Delerium, ventures out again under the Conjure One moniker, but the question is, how does this differ from his other works?

Extraordinary Ways sees several singers used from the previous album (Poe, Chemda Kalili), plus new singers Tiff Lacey, Joanna Stevens, and even Rhys himself on a cover of the Buzzcocks track "I Believe".

Unlike the previous release (the self-titled album Conjure One), the middle-eastern influence is mainly gone from this album, replaced with a more straight-up sound, very similar to more recent works from Delerium.

The first track, "Endless Dream" (sung by Poe), is a good start to the album, followed by "Face the Music" and the instrumental track, "Pilgrimage". "Pilgrimage" isn't a bad instrumental track, but it might be a bit long (6:48) for the third track on an album. "One Word", again by Poe, is a decent track as well. If anything, this albums has convinced me I really like Poe's voice.

The fifth track, a cover of the Buzzcock's "I Believe", is ok, but sounds a bit out of place amongst the female-vocalist dominated album. Rhys does an admirable job of singing, but I think having more male singers would have helped to balanace the album.

"Extraordinary Ways" sounds very much like a track straight from a Delerium album, though Poe's vocals once again make this track very listenable.

The album finishes with "Into the Escape", an instrumental that doesn't seem strong enough to give the album a good ending.

Overall, this album certainly isn't a bad album, but I think Conjure One's first release had a more unique style to it than Extraordinary Ways. Delerium already fills the space that this album seems to dabble in.


Rating 7 out of 10

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