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Artist Cyanotic
Album Transhuman
Artwork by zahkunst and blaspheme8 for
Year 2005

Cyanotic is the trio of Sean Payne, Drew Rosander, and Brian Blake. Cyanotic brings us back to early industrial, but blends it with other styles such as power noise and drum n bass, to give it a unique sound they can call their own.

The cd starts with an intro track, Frequency in Cycles, to set the mood. Order out of Chaos is next and is my favorite track on the cd. This track starts out with drum n bass beats, then slides into heavy sounds, harkening back to the old days when industrial music ruled, yet adding their own elements to give us something familiar, yet new. You'll feel this one in your chest.. something primal.. makes you want to move.

Track 3, Insurgence, reminds me strongly of Ministry around "The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste" era (you know, the good stuff). The track starts out heavy with an old-school industrial drill noise thrown in and a plethora of heavy guitar. Another track meant to get you off your feet and move.

Transhuman, the title track, slows things down a notch to give the you a chance to recharge and listen to their message. After a moment of rest, Deface comes in with another wave of hard hitting sound.

Axiom is a song of contrast... the track starts out slow and methodical, then kicks into heavy crunching guitar two thirds of the way in, then brings you slowly back down again.

Suspension of Disbelief, another of my favorite tracks on this album, hits you again with heavy, crunchy guitars. Another foot stomper to be sure; once again tapping into the primal human urges. Actuator follows - a brief moment of experimentation.

Track 9, Sensory Deprivation, is the most metal influenced track, and also the most melodic track.This track most closely resembles the works of Front Line Assembly, at least in my humble opinion.

Beta Blocker again mixes the harsh industrial sounds with those of drum n bass. Hopefully we'll see more of this type of fusion in future Cyanotic releases because it gives them a unique style that sets them apart from other harsh industrial bands.

Antithesis hits hard, hits often, but you'll still come back for more. The last track, Higher States of Consciousness, gently sets you back down on the ground, gives you a sense of closure to a great, energetic album. It also lets you know that there's more than hard-hitting sounds coming out of Cyanotic - no one-sound band here.

Overall, Transhuman is a well-put together album, with unique elements that will appeal to those seeking a different sound, as well as blending the tried and true sounds of the genre. Seek out this album, put it in your player, and prepare to move!


Rating 7 out of 10

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