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Artist H_M_B
Album Great Industrial Love Affairs
Record Label WTII Records
Artwork by Mario Alessi and Thom Williamson of
Year 2002

HMB is the duo of Daniel Myer (Haujobb and Cleen/Cleaner/Clear Vision) and Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant), with guest vocals on Falling Stars by Dennis Ostermann (ISC and Controlled Fusion).

The album starts out with the fantastic vocals of Victoria Lloyd, floating above Daniel Myer's pulsing, trancy music on the track Wanted, followed by the equally thumping track, This Fire, again a combination of both beat and trance, with a sightly faster tempo, complimented by luscious vocals.

Track 4, Night Vision, finds Myer singing and could easily fit into a Clear Vision album. Siren displays the excellent combination of Victoria and Daniel's voices, followed by the spoken word piece, In the Beginning which takes the listener into strange, dark places.

Falling Stars was actually the most disappointing track on the album. Dennis Ostermann from In Strict Confidence leads this track, but somehow his harsh voice breaks the flow of the album. The song itself is not bad, but it just seems misplaced.

Turn to Stone is by far the standout track on the album, pure ebm with an angry Myer screeching out vocals over an energetic, multi-layered synth explosion.

Overall, this debut by two such veterans proves to be a superb album that should be a mainstay in any Haujobb fanatics collection or anyone else who appreciates good music.


Rating 7 out of 10

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