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Artist Die Sektor
Album Applied Structure in a Void
Year 2011

Applied Structure in a Void is the second studio release from harsh EBM act Die Sektor out of Atlanta, GA. This is one of the better Hellektro albums you can pick up. Think Tactical Sekt, with cleaner vocals.

Die Sektor changes pace on this album quite frequently. They truly shine with the tracks that bring out the urge to put on your steel toed shit kickers and boot fuck the dance floor. The opening track "Accelerant" opens Applied Structure in a Void and is just this track and one of the best on this album. It is quite dance floor friendly and would be best if listened to at the club at 1:00 am after being nicely drunk. It brings out the urge to rhythmically stomp. When they slow it down, Die Sektor does not drop off at all. Rather they are giving time for your adrenaline to regenerate for the next stomping track, "Corpus Accido". The next track that stands out is "Bleed Till the Last Light Flickers". It starts as a standard Hellektro track. However, when the chorus kicks in, the vocal dichotomy they create is very good. The chorus is screamed and sung, with the screaming being distorted and the singing being clean. This adds a layer that was absent from the previous, fast paced tracks and works rather well. Applied Structure in a Void closes very strongly with "Divide to Dust" starting off slow and picking up pace as it progresses.

Overall, Applied Structure in a Void is a very strong release for Die Sektor and one of the better Hellektro releases of the past few years.


Rating 9 out of 10

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