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Artist Omega Lithium
Album Dreams in Formaline
Record Label Artoffact Records
Year 2010

Dreams in Formaline is the debut album of Croatian band, Omega Lithium, out on Artoffact Records. This goth-metal album is an extremely well-constructed album, full of energetic guitars, resounding drums, a smattering of electronics, and fantastic female vocals.

Each song is filled with deep, rich sounds, and excellent interplay of strong female vocals and rough, backing male vocals. Yet while the music is strong, it bends to the tones of Mya's deep, mature vocals, which is a welcome surprise for such a young singer.

This is a great debut for Omega Lithium, and certainly a must for goth-metal fans of bands like Xandria, Leaves Eyes or Nightwish.


Rating 9 out of 10

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Posted by aa @ 05/25/2010 03:49:24 pm
Agree on that review!

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